What is S.P.A.C.E.?

Surreal Psychedelic Art Collective Experience.

Space is a music NFT series that combines an entire album of exclusive music with art, animations and rarities into individual NFTs. Space is just the first step to building a larger music and art platform to be created long term by the Space Team.

The Vision

Over time, we expect our community to evolve from a channel about an NFT project to a way for artists and fans alike to connect with each other directly. We want to remove the big corporations from the artist’s monetization equation. We plan to use blockchain technology and the power of the Avalanche Network to do it.

We will be adding more developers into the S.P.A.C.E. team as soon as we can, once this happens we will start to work on the platform. Realistically, the vision could take years to achieve. Everything we do is a new venture, as well as a learning experience, but our passion and motivation remains the same.

Who is part of the team?

3 of the 4 team members on the Space team are from the Rugpull Prevention core team, an early and known project created on the Avalanche Network. As many know, Rugpull Prevention is a community project that works to prevent scams on the Avalanche Network.

Enebula, Founder of Rugpull Prevention: — Founder of S.P.A.C.E., musician and owner of song rights, animation designer

Giallo, Rugpull Prevention Lead Design: — S.P.A.C.E. Artwork Rights Owner, Artist and Design

MoBoosted, Rugpull Prevention Lead Developer, RaceX Co-Founder: — S.P.A.C.E. Developer

Winchester, Long Time Rugpull Prevention and Avalanche Community Member: — S.P.A.C.E. Developer

NFT Specifics.

Each NFT comes with:
— 1 random song. These songs will never be available anywhere else unless the owner of the NFTs or Enebula (owner of rights) would like to do something with them.
— 1 random piece of artwork
— Permissions to use the media for commercial and personal use linked in the contracts. Full details will come before launch
— Project logo rarity
— song title displayed rarity
— Possible future utility within the unannounced project and possible utility with our network of Rugpull Prevention partner projects or Rugpull Prevention itself. (Please note this is subject to change and not a promise of future developments. We want you to be aware of the possibility but we are in no way claiming that it will for sure happen.)

NFT Supply:
— 500 total maximum

NFT Cost:
— Minting cost TBD closer to the launch date
— We’re thinking 10% team royalties in secondary markets, but would like to hear feedback on this from our community first.

Launch Date:
— We had hoped for late May, but as things have picked up for Rugpull Prevention, we will need to announce a time later then May once we get closer to being ready for a smooth launch.
— Minting will happen through our own official website
— We want to deliver a quality and unique experience through the use of blockchain tech and NFTs. We have visions to push the musicNFT goal posts with this project. We are innovating and doing something different here, but also have prior obligations within our other platforms. So, we feel it is best to take our time and not change our quality goals.

Socials and community:
— We will begin building our community soon. We are building a central discord hub. All of our communications will happen in this hub. We understand that there are people that would like the option to have more channels to communicate, and we encourage others to create fan channels or accounts to relay news in an unofficial way.

Track list with song supply amounts (how many of each song will be available):

— Toxic Visions (50)
— Inevitable Fate (50)
— Dragon’s Swagger (50)
— It Takes Control (50)
— Nephilim Stargate (50)
— In This Cage (50)
— Dust Towers (40)
— Resist To Exist (40)
— Suspended Memory (40)
— Gravitate (30)
— lil dank (20)
— Modern Lobotomy (17)
— Imaginary Noises (13)

Artwork Rarity:

— 10 different pieces of artwork
— Final numbers will be announced closer to launch

Surprise Avalanche Network Project Logos, Song Title Display Rarity

— We will be including Avalanche network project logos displayed in some of the NFTs along with some integrated into the animations themselves as a tribute. We are not affiliated with all of these projects, but have asked for permission to include their logo.

What can S.P.A.C.E. Fans do now?

If you are interested in our project, please help promote us and tell your friends about it! Follow us on twitter and join us in our private discord when it’s ready! We will begin whitelist giveaways going out to our Rugpull Prevention community first! After we feel we have satisfied the Rugpull Prevention community we will branch out to other communities including Moonmug and RaceX! We will be having WL giveaways going out to twitter followers and discord members as well! Thank you all for reading and we will keep you updated on our progress. https://twitter.com/space_avalanche




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