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Stars Arena Exploiter Part 3

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Part 2 Review:

Wallet connected to hacker was testing contracts on Avalanche Fuji, hours before the exploit happened

— Multiple wallets connected to the hacker testing contracts, some over 1.5 years ago

In part 1, I found a transaction that proved there was a transfer on the Binance chain that directly connects to the Stars Arena scammer. After digger deeper I found they were also connected to scam activity and on multiple chains testing them.

They were testing these scam contracts just before the Exploit took place, which suggests that this is the scammer or an accomplice using this wallet and those connected to it.

I connected a named address LT102P to a twitter account.

Receiving help from a Stars Arena community member, Yoshi (asked to be called by Yoshi without any links), there are more connections to report!

LT102PP or “Luck Twin” on X has SocialFi accounts.

When you search Luck Twin’s Friend3 account , you notice that there is one buyer of his shares. Someone called LT102 (The exact same name minus the PP at the end of it)

When you click on LT102’s twitter / X icon, you can see that the activity on this account similar to Luck Twins. I believe it is safe to say that the same person runs these accounts. The thing is that this Twitter account has a name as the username.

Loc Truong

It is quite possible that this is a fake name, is not the scammer or many other possibilities. The point is.. This person sent a transfer to the wallet suspected of being the hacker’s. LT is connected with another named account below near the end of this article. Additionally, you will see this person is clearly scamming when you dig into their wallets.

Maybe they know something important? In the least, if someone was able to contact this person and ask them what this transaction was, maybe it could help identify the hacker.

Yoshi also said that they have a Friend Tech account but I couldn’t login to their website to check for myself, so that would be worth looking into as well.

LT even posted a wallet address that is the named address he owns.

I wanted to highlight, Posted on X, Pasquale and others have been doing work! It seems the have some great leads already! I’m thinking with all these connections and transactions, there might be a good chance of figuring out who this person is and taking legal action!

The Fixed Float transfer funded the wallet that exploited the Stars Arena contract.

Searching through Wallet 223 , there are more named addresses that are sending transfers. Like this transaction where named address 56555b .bnb sends a transfer to wallet 223.

This transaction could just be something normal, but if you compare LT’s social media posts with transactions made on the blockchain, they have something in common. Galaxe: Space Station. See the screenshots below, notice that LT talks about Galaxe on social media and 56555b is minting Galaxe NFTs. Another coincidence?

This is on the Eth network and is the same address as 56555b .bnb

Community! We need your help on this! We need to take legal action and find the culprit! There are people working on finding this criminal and any information you can help us to uncover can really help make a legal case against them when they get arrested!

Our help could directly effect the outcome of weather or not a possible serial scammer gets put behind bars! Actual true crypto scammers deserve it! But we need evidence and we need to do it legally!

As a community, we should hold projects to higher standards! If they try and scam us, or do scam us we take legal action! I know people in the Avalanche community have connections, let’s make crypto safer together!

Please know that I cannot guarantee any information provided in these medium posts, this article is for educational and research purposes only.



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