Rugpull Prevention Q1 Update

Screenshot from new website. Data being pulled from our new verified voting features.

What is considered a success for the project?

Our success will be determined by the amount of people we reach and how efficiently our community can help those in need.

How can we achieve this success?

Put simply, automation. Yes, there are many factors to achieving success but we feel that developing our automated community hub is the most important aspect. Let’s face it, there are too many scams to handle manually, especially when Rugpull Prevention is not intended as a commercialized entity, limiting resources.

Before unlocking voting with TDG
After Unlocking voting with TDG

What is happening right now?

As you know, our team members have expanded into other projects. We have more responsibilities around the network, but our vision remains the same. We are entirely dedicated to Rugpull Prevention and will continue to be as we all contribute to it. We have been working with another developer for some time and he is a trusted friend of ours, even partnering with our beloved Jan Bond to obtain office space in beautiful Switzerland.

Partial Detective Report which will show cumulative ratings of projects provided by detectives

What about early Rugpull token supporters?

We are doing our best to give the Rugpull token more use cases. For now, it is a slow burning deflationary token, but the plan has always been to integrate it into our tools. We have not decided on the final iteration yet, but leaning towards a subscription based model in which we distribute Rugpull paid in multiple ways. These distributions would include a single staking fund in which a percentage of the Rugpull collected would be deposited into a single staking contract. Some percentage would also go towards marketing and our team would also receive a small percentage.

How can you help Rugpull Prevention right now?

Participate. Ask or answer questions. Become a verified detective through our NFT Dapp and start some investigations or share red flags in our discord verified detective’s community. All of these things are so helpful to the core of our community. If we are going to change crypto culture for the better we have to do it together.

How do we help the Avalanche Network?

Our project community helps the network by providing an unbiased and crowdsourced look into projects on the network. We consistently have community members sharing red flags with us. Some of these red flags that the community has shared helped us to not only stop some scams, get refunds, but also have helped the awareness overall in our community. We want our members to make projects prove themselves. We want them to ask the hard questions and we want them to share that info with our community.

Where do we go from here?

We continue what we have been doing for almost a year on the Avalanche Network by helping where we can to make the Network safer for others. We need to make good decisions and we need to focus on developments. After our developments are in a good spot, we return to our transparency collaborations/partnerships and we launch a marketing campaign. The marketing will help us reach more people and help us grow the community. Please note, the marketing will be through reputable sources, we are not willing to participate in unethical shill tactics that have become the industry norm.

How long will it take to achieve our immediate goals?

We have always stressed that Rugpull Prevention is a long term project. Since the beginning we wanted our supporters to know that while we have the best of intentions, we are new to the blockchain industry and making our vision a reality will take time. We try to release roadmap goals with timelines and do our best to stick to these times, but they are not set in stone.



We are here to Educate others with free and paid services. A fair/ stealth launched token exclusive to the Avalanche Network. Creating an army of Detectives.

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RUGPULL Prevention

We are here to Educate others with free and paid services. A fair/ stealth launched token exclusive to the Avalanche Network. Creating an army of Detectives.