Rugpull Prevention is officially adding two talented and experienced professionals to the team.

Rugpull Prevention
6 min readJun 29, 2021

Before I officially welcome our two new professional All Stars to the team, I would like to first provide an overview of what the Rugpull Prevention project on the Avalanche network has been able to achieve in just six short weeks. I believe these six weeks should be considered “Phase 1” for Rugpull Prevention, because we are only just getting started.

• Inception May 15, 2021

  • Help from the RUGPULL contract creator to secure our contract
  • V1 Detective Score tool rollouts with project collaborations
  • V1 website launch
  • V1 new tool to be released this week
  • Alerted community of over 40 scams before they happened
  • Uncovered evidence of a high profile project plagiarizing their whitepaper
  • Created a free guide about how to look for red flags for yourself
  • Helped to increase the Avalanche community awareness of Defi safety
  • Helped to connect two competing exchanges to solve a common security goal
  • 17% of supply locked
  • Most of the liquidity is burned or locked
  • 500 organic Twitter followers, 480 organic telegram members
  • Gave away 47 valuable NFTs and almost 1% of the entire supply in a single day, valued at more than 10% of RUGPULL’s entire estimated market cap.
How we calculate Detective Scores

One of our main objectives at Rugpull Prevention is to make tools that help the average Avalanche network user. We want to make these tools as easy as possible for people to use.

Rugpull Prevention’s goal is to be the first place both inexperienced and experienced Avalanche Network users come when they are looking for tools. We want them to use our website as a guidance tool, it is somewhere they can go to learn about many different aspects of the Avalanche Network. We also want Rugpull Prevention to be the first place Avalanche Network users go when they need more information and they simply do not want to spend the time to do their research, want to learn how to check for scams, or eventually automatically check for exploits with the push of a button.

Becoming what we envision will take a team effort. We need a team with global experience, in global markets around the entire planet. We also need a team that has already proven they have what it takes to achieve our goals. A team that is diverse in the understanding of business, regulations, banking, cryptocurrency, and also has intense experience in coding and digital product developments. This is what it will take for us to only begin to fight the scammers and what it will take for us to help the Avalanche Network become known as a safer network than the others.

With that, I would like to announce that two new team members are joining myself (Enebula) as official team members. We will build upon the RUGPULL token together as a team and expand the Rugpull Prevention ecosystem together.

For now, all of our time is donated, but all three will be putting considerable amounts of time into the project, with the hopes that it will not only help the Avalanche Network, but eventually become more stable positions. What this means for Rugpull Prevention, is that the fate of the project no longer depends on one person. It is not “all or nothing” for the project anymore. We are now positioned to created many use cases for an already scare token. We are now dedicated to creating value for the RUGPULL token through the most advanced blockchain technologies available.

Let me put this plain and simple for everyone, we will engineer next generation tools for the Avalanche Network. We have been working together behind the scenes. We care about results, and have already proven that we are a project that takes action. We do not give empty promises that takes years to fulfill. Rugpull Prevention has been making a difference in the Avalanche community since day one and it will continue to make a positive difference in the community.

As for our anonymity, we are staying anonymous to the general public. If we are contacted by Avalabs, we would be happy to provide our personal information (and credentials) to them, but as you can understand, our jobs here at Rugpull Prevention are unique. Our work can make people very upset.

Our team is now compiled of 3 core team members. Our three team members are all from different continents. Europe, Africa and North America. Specifically, Switzerland, South Africa and The United States. This gives us a huge advantage over some projects in business experiences, since we can take all of our knowledge of our local regulations, business practices, currencies, banking laws and combine it all together.

  • Enebula
  • MoBoosted
  • Jan Bond
  • Enebula
  • Click to read my original posting of THE STORY OF RUGPULL PREVENTION
  • 10yrs of mid level/supervisory experience in industrial technologies, ranging from PLC devices, high voltage electricity maintenance/engineering to engineering and maintaining industrial combustion technologies through international travel.
  • A brick and mortar two year college business degree with a computer science focus, as well as multiple accredited skilled trades degrees with a heavy focus on engineering and science.
  • Actively tinkering with blockchain technologies since early 2018, and researching the technology daily since mid 2017.
  • Jan Bond
  • Jan Bond is a banking professional with ten years of working experience in client facing roles. Within his positions, he has provided financial services for retail as well as private clients, adhering to local and global regulatory, compliance and risk management standards.
  • For the past years, he has successfully managed a book of USD 900 million AuM for ultrahigh/high net worth international clients, at Credit Suisse.
  • As of January 2020 he has joined a publicly listed company as a CFO in the E commerce and payment solutions business/ Software procurement platforms for academic institutions & universities Sector.
  • Jan Bond`s passion for the Crypto Market and opportunities created by it, have led him for the past 5 years to gain significant knowledge, develop and pursue several Crypto Projects, among which the risk management and fraud prevention in the crypto market is the most interesting explored so far.
  • MoBoosted
  • Chief Executive Officer of a Wireless ISP and a Software Development and Outsourcing Company.
  • Mo has over 32 years of information technology experience, specializing in the architectural and technical aspects of systems development within the ICT industry. He has designed, constructed and implemented a wide range of applications ranging from legacy mainframe systems to state-of the-art client server business applications.
  • Over the last 20 years he has designed VoIP systems and is one of the pioneers of this technology in South Africa, The systems he has developed are on par with the best in the world.
  • MoBoosted’s key strength is his ability to translate and articulate complex technology opportunities in business terms. He has an excellent track record of delivering diverse and demanding projects covering areas such as e-commerce, ATM’s, call centre and data warehousing, where he has been able to exceed performance targets through innovation and focus.
  • Mo’s passion is the development of solutions that add real world value to users. He is currently heading up a Wireless ISP where he has set goals to bring affordable connectivity to the underserviced communities in South Africa and the rest of Africa.
  • Mo saw an amazing opportunity with RUGPULL to assist in helping the Avalanche community to be able to invest wisely through the use of the RUGPULL platform and the tools we are currently developing.
  • He also brings with him a team of 5 additional developers who are skilled in various technologies to ensure that we deliver the tools required for the project when needed. They can help as part time backup and are understudies of MoBoosted.

Here at Rugpull Prevention, we believe in the technology behind the Avalanche Network.

We believe in the team at Avalabs

We are going to do our best to engineer technology that not only equips its users with tools to help themselves, but could also help prevent some scammers from lurking around our ecosystems in the first place.



Rugpull Prevention

We are here to Educate others with free and paid services. One the Avalanche Network, creating an army of Detectives.