Introducing MoonMug: the mug that keeps on giving!

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4 min readNov 18, 2021

MoonMug is the new way to enjoy your digital metaverse in the physical world!

The inspiration behind MoonMug was borne of the desire to bridge that which is digital to the physical world. In making tangible the previously intangible, MoonMug serves as a way to connect crypto assets with the real world; and the real world with the metaverse. MoonMug, as envisioned by its creators, is an important step in a global movement characterized by the shift on how the value of goods is determined.

The rise of crypto markets has showcased the impact that psychology and emotion have on markets, now more than ever. Emotional connection, personal values, and individual style are becoming more and more important in the investment decisions of many. The success of NFTs serves as a prime example of this shift in investment strategies. MoonMug is a demonstration of the real power of digital money by showing just how digital assets can allocate infinite value to anything; even to something as simple as a coffee mug.

MoonMug aspires to be your coffee buddy, your NFT showcase, and a smart conversation starter on how value can co-exist inside and outside of our digital wallets. It aims to make us think further and explore the infinite possibilities of a future where we have the power and freedom to attribute marketable value to our personal items.

How it works:

Extend the value of your NFT by printing it on a mug to create your very own MoonMug! You can then have your MoonMug delivered directly to your home, ready to be used for that cup of necessary morning coffee, some relaxing tea before bedtime, or a cozy cup of cocoa by the fire.

You don’t want the mug delivered to you? That’s no problem, as you can just ‘burn’ your MoonMug and have us donate it to charity!

Meet Moonkey (the Moon Monkey)!

He is our coffee and tea drinking buddy with an appetite for space adventures! You will soon be able to mint your very own Moonkey NFT generated from 100,000 different variations, but with only a max supply of 10,000 NFTs! Each NFT can be minted to your MoonMug and sent to you free of charge.

Furthermore, we are implementing a staggering 20% reflection per mint that will reflect back to all NFT holders. This reflection applies to both standard MoonMug items and the Moonkey NFT series. On top of that, we are also including a 10% referral bonus!

MoonMug is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Jan Bond, a core team member at Rugpull Prevention. Jan is a strongly motivated entrepreneur who has been intrigued by the amazing developments in blockchain technology for many years. He is joined by a team of professionals from Europe who are working together to build an inspired and unique project.

MoonMug NFT holders will also enjoy many benefits and will receive MUG tokens which can be used to buy physical goods on the MoonMug marketplace. In addition to being used to buy physical goods, MUG tokens will also be an integral part of the MoonMug project, allowing holders exclusive access to merchandise and staking & farming opportunities. Please see the MoonMug roadmap for estimated development times.

As with the development of DCRC Racing, Rugpull Prevention will be heavily integrated with MoonMug. Rugpull Prevention will provide a high standard of transparency into the project and advise MoonMug through the phases of incubation and community awareness. All common DeFi safety standards will apply to the MUG token, such as a liquidity lock and team-allocated token locks. MoonMug is an important addition to Rugpull Prevention’s incubation program, a program that aspires to be a flagship launching partner for all promising small-cap crypto projects.

Let’s spread crypto to the whole world, one coffee at a time!



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